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Do you want to take your relationship with God to a higher level?

ROCKet Fuel

Have you ever wanted to talk to God but didn't know how? Have guilt, shame, or feeling unworthy stopped you from having a relationship with God? Have you ever felt like you just didn't know how to pray?

This book is for you!

Rocket Fuel is a practical guide that will teach you how to pray, read your Bible, and experience a life-giving relationship with God.

In Rocket Fuel you will:

  • Find out what daily devotions are.

  • Learn to pray the simple but powerful prayer Jesus taught His disciples.

  • Discover effective prayer and Bible reading strategies.

  • Learn how to approach God in humble confidence as His child.

  • See the connection between the gospel and prayer.

  • Learn the Four "R's": Read, Receive, Respond, and Record.

  • Break free from guilt, shame, and feeling unworthy!

What we fuel our lives with determines how high we can fly. Rocket Fuel is about filling our lives with the Spirit and the Word of God so we can achieve the heights He has destined us for. To achieve the atmosphere breaking power that God created us for we must connect with our power source, God Himself.

Don't wait another minute! 

Come experience the LIFE CHANGING power of daily prayer and Bible study

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Do you want a deeper understanding of the Christian faith?


ReOrthodox is a provocative and engaging exploration of the Christian worldview.

Whether you are a convinced believer or someone exploring faith this book is an ideal companion. It will take you on a journey of discovery and allow you to see classic truth with fresh eyes! You will be challenged to think deeper about what you believe and why.

In the tradition of classic Christian thinkers such as C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton, ReOrthodox communicates the Christian faith in clear and compelling fashion, artfully presenting complex truths in simple terms. 

Do you have someone you'd like to share your faith with? ReOrthodox will equip you with a rich and robust understanding of the Christian faith that you can share with others.

As you read your eyes will be opened to the truth and wonder of this ancient yet relevant message. Equal parts philosophy, theology, narrative, and common sense, ReOrthodox will captivate your imagination while engaging your intellect.

Start the journey now!

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busy pastor's guide to preaching

Coming soon...

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